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The popular microblogging service Twitter has made people go crazy. Developed as a social media site to tell people, “What are you doing?”, Twitter has come a long way.
Twitter has made connecting with people so easy, just requires 140 characters, or even lesser. And for this reason, everyone signs up on Twitter and starts streaming with information on their profile page. But this massive popularity has cost a few reputed and well known people dearly. Account hacking, tweeting with a false account, impersonation or even mistaken identity has become a common thing now. And to tackle these problems, Twitter is testing the process of verifying the accounts (still in Beta).

So, what is a verified account?

To prevent identity confusion, Twitter is experimenting (beta testing) with a ‘Verified Account’ feature. Twitter is working to establish authenticity with people who deal with impersonation or identity confusion on a regular basis. Accounts with a Verified are the real thing!
This is how a verified twitter account looks like -
Look at the top right side. Every verified account will sport a Verified Account badge ensuring authenticity of the account.

So if you are competing against impersonation, you better get your Twitter account verified. Also, this verification process is not for individuals alone, its meant for businesses as well.
Do not let anyone take your reputation for granted while you try hard to build it by tweeting.

In the last 5 years or so, we have seen many websites turning into successful businesses. Be it Google, Digg, Facebook or TechCrunch. Of course its an incredible moment for the founders of these sites, but sometimes the popularity just bigger and bigger.
Twitter is one such website that has become a household name now. Today, even a kid knows the significance of a tweet or RT or @ (reply). The fact that people use the wordtwitter as a verb or noun shows its popularity and global appeal. And considering such a massive attractive appeal, Twitter has added another feather to its cap by finding a place in the dictionary.
The Collins English Dictionary has decided to include the word ‘twitter‘ in its 30th anniversary edition to be published later this year. Here’s how twitter would be defined:
As a Noun: “a website where people can post short messages about their current activities”
As a Verb: “to write short messages on the Twitter website”.
About 3 years ago ‘google‘ was added to the Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary and the Oxford English Dictionary. Though twitter is a pure word and google is a revised version of googol, but the fact that the names of websites/businesses are making their way to dictionaries is self explanatory about their popularity.
If this trend continues, then we might see businesses being set up on existing words (duh. its already happening) and becoming popular enough to replace the original definition of the word with that of the business in dictionaries. Irrespective of its effect on the businesses, such a phenomenon will surely screw our English. What do you think?

Twitter – the cool application that has been used by everybody today is a great resource for building links to your site or blog. Backlinks have always been very useful in determining the ranking of a site in the search engines. Though the overall process is termed as SEO, but building quality backlinks is a major step in achieving higher search engine rankings.
There are tons of articles on the web that describe the best link building techniques, which you can refer to. In this post, I will discuss on how you can use Twitter to build quality dofollow backlinks which will not only increase traffic to your site but also pass on quality link juice.
Twitter offers three opportunities to pass links from your profile. One through the status messages, second through your Twitter Bio and third through the application(s) you use for tweeting. Twitter had nofollowed the links that we pass on in the status messages since a long time. They had kept the links in the Bio field dofollow, until Matt Cutts made the Twitter Bio links nofollow. And I bet, you never thought about the third option as a means to pass links.
Bob ArdKor has written a great article on achieving dofollow links from Twitter. Though his original post is written in French, but you can find the Google Translated version of the same in English.
Bob says,
On twitter, users post their tweet from customers for I-phone as Twitterfon, Nambu … others use Firefox extensions TwitterFox to post their message on Twitter, others pass by scripts that use the API and Of course, others go directly from Twitter.
When you post from these applications, as appears tweet posted a statement containing the date of publication of the tweet and at what support you have posted the message with a link to the site of application.
This link is dofollow and followed by search engines.
Bob has explained the method of customizing those links for leveraging the link juice. It’s a great find by Bob who has implemented this strategy in his Twitter profile and seems to benefit from the same. But with Twitter becoming a threat to Google with the ability to search real time updates, it’s a matter of time when they will make those links nofollow as well. Therefore, start using this method right from today and give a boost to your SEO efforts.

Twitter is a very popular social media site that has more than 190 million users and more than 60 million posts daily. This is why it is an ideal promotion tool for a website. Even though twitter links are “nofollow”, there are still ways to use this social media site for promoting a website. Twitter pages have a direct influence on Google’s SERPs so it is very useful in improving search engine visibility.

Basic Twitter SEO Tactics:

Using Twitter for Traffic

Twitter for SEO
Tweet about every post that you make on your blog or site. Many Twitter users also use it to search for useful and informative tips. Make the tweet interesting in order to catch the attention and curiosity of Twitter users. Make sure that the topics of your posts are useful to other web users.

Link Building with Twitter

Obviously, it is important to have as many Twitter followers as possible so that more people will see your posts. Choose followers who are within your niche or those that have similar interests. Around 25% of the users you follow will follow you back. It is also highly probable that your followers will make posts regarding your latest content. This results to great link building. Google doesn’t index shortened URLs but instead index the actual URLs so this is definitely a great website promotion opportunity.

Other Important Tips

Keep in mind that all your tweets shouldn’t be about your own website. This turns other users off and usually causes fewer followers. If the tweets are always about your products or services, it would appear spammy and this discourages followers. The posts should be interesting, engaging and useful to your followers.

How to Optimize Your Twitter Page

First of all, your username should be relevant to your business or particular niche. It’s a part of the URL of your page and title tag so it greatly affects website promotion. The account name should also be relevant in order to boost Twitter website traffic. This is because the account name is also included in the page title. Build links to your Twitter profile for promotion. Pasting a link to your account on a noticeable part of you website will do the job. Choose your bio text wisely because it also serves as the meta description tag. Think about website promotion when choosing your bio text.
Twitter tactics are very easy to implement. It is definitely worth your time and you will experience very good benefits from doing so. This social media site is absolutely full of potential in terms of SEO.

Most organizations today have embraced social media because of the various benefits it can bring. This is whysocial media and SEO teams are now working together to reach their own goals. Social media managers are assigned to several search marketers to cater to their needs. However, because of the nature of social mediamanagement, social media teams usually outnumber small SEO teams.
In-house SEO teams invest a lot of time working with other branches of the organization including IT, stakeholders and executives. To succeed today, they also need to create a good relationship with social media teams. This is because of the big number of content that these teams create daily. The first step is SEO training. Here are other ways that SEO can work with social media in order to succeed in achieving the organization’s goals:

Basic SEO Training for Social Media Managers

SEO and Social MediaIt is very important for social media teams especially managers to have a good idea on what should and shouldn’t be done in terms of SEO. This way, mistakes will be minimized or even eliminated creating lesser problems for the SEO team. This also creates less friction between the two teams which usually results to bigger problems in the future. The training doesn’t have to be comprehensive. It just needs to include the essential areas. Keep in mind that most blogs are created by social media teams. Teaching these teams how to create optimized blog posts can help a lot in SEO success.

Teach Social media Teams about Keyword Research

Keyword research should be an integral part of SEO. Teaching this important function to social media teams lessens the problems of the SEO team in the future. Also, this means that the organization will reap SEO benefits immediately after social media creates new blog posts. Don’t forget to include basics on how to use the other keyword tools available. Giving them an idea of why this should be done can also help a lot in achieving SEO success.

Tweet Optimization

Since Twitter is one of the top social media today, tweet optimization should be given importance. In fact, search engines are now integrating more tweets in their SERPs resulting to more tweets showing up for normal keyword queries. However, since Twitter updates their internal search engine constantly, it is important to check for updates and tips in order to be more visible. A keyword or two in each tweet is a good tip that every social media manager should know.

In 2011 alone, more than 100 million users signed up on Twitter. Currently, it is the fastest growing social media channel. Although Twitter’s micro-blogging platform is very simple, it is an excellent tool that can be used for search engine optimization (SEO). Twitter is one of the biggest things today with every celebrity regularly sending updates (tweets) to their fans and companies tweeting about their latest products, services and other relevant information in order to inform their customers.
How to Use Twitter
You have probably heard of the success that many companies like Pepsi have experienced with the use of Twitter. However, it is quite difficult to determine where to begin and exactly how to use Twitter for your business/organization especially if you’re new to social media and SEO.

Twitter is Fun and Easy

Don’t be intimidated by the thought of exploring this unfamiliar social media platform. Twitter is very simple and enjoyable. You just need to have a good strategy in order to successfully use it for your business. The first thing you need to think about is the content you will be posting through tweets. Remember not only to tweet about business-related things because this is the fastest way that people will lose interest. Once people lose interest, they will “unfollow” you and sooner or later
you will not be able to reach out to many people anymore.

Importance of Content Quality and Delivery

Like one of the basic principles of SEO, content quality is very important in your tweets. They should be interesting, informative, enjoyable or useful. Don’t just use Twitter to talk about your business and products/services. You can also talk about other things that are related or unrelated to your business. Obviously, you should offer tweets that have some value to your followers. Regarding content, it is also very important to deliver it in the right way. You should deliver it in a personable way. It should not be very formal which is usually seen as boring. A good tip is to deliver it as if you’re speaking to a close friend. This will make your followers comfortable with the message you’re trying to send to them.

Regarding Your Followers: Quality VS Quantity

It is pretty useless to have millions of follower with almost all of them never engaging with you. It’s much better to have a small number of followers that regularly engage with you. Success on Twitter is measured through quality of relationships and never through quantity. However, sometimes you can encourage your followers to engage with you by employing tactics such as asking questions, giving prizes, conducting interesting polls, etc. This is where innovation and imagination is very important.

Today, social media plays a major role in SEO. With this in mind, why not tweak your social media profiles for search engines? Believe me, it’s a must. Search engines utilized links from social media sites, including Facebook, Google+1 and Twitter for ranking purposes. Moreover, Twitter streams are also being indexed by search engines in real-time. So here are 5 easy-to-do steps to use one of the social media giants—Twitter, for SEO.    
  1. Regard Your Twitter Username as a Domain Address

  2. Do you still remember the rules for choosing an effective domain name? Let’s do a recap. Avoid using underscores between words. Make your domain address short and easy to remember. These rules also apply to choosing a good Twitter username.

    Additionally, Twitter username must not exceed 15 characters but you know, it’s best to actually not exceed 10 characters, if possible. Now, if you want to use your company name for your brand name, abbreviate and combine it with keywords. For instance, let’s say your company, Prime Movers Corporation, provides shipping services, you may use @PMCShipping as your Twitter username.
  3. Do not Use URL shorteners. Link to Your Real URL
  4. If you make use of URL shorteners on your Twitter profile URL section, your profile visitors are more likely to doubt your account. Build up the credibility of your profile and further the trust of your profile visitors in your brand by using your real site or blog URL. This will encourage them to visit your actual website.

  5. Optimized Your Twitter Bio
  6. Your Twitter Bio content also functions as the meta-description of your Twitter profile on Google search results. With regard to this, you have to maximize the 160 characters limit to craft a keyword-rich Twitter bio. Always make use of good content and keywords that represent your field of expertise or industry. This is a perfect recipe to rank high in search results. Good content means compelling, relevant, informative and catchy.

  7. Optimized Your Twitter Profile Photo
  8. In order to have a keyword-based name for your Twitter profile photo, separate the filename using dashes before uploading. For example: paris-clothing.jpg. Keep your image limited to 250×250 pixels for best page loading speed.

  9. Use Keyword Phrases and Hastags on Your Tweets
  10. This will assure better visibility on search results. In fact, many studies have shown that including keywords in tweets regularly can significantly increase search engine rankings. Moreover, save the important tweets in category favorites.
    You can also boost your social authority by receiving numerous retweets, hence will help give your ranking a kick.
  11. Link Your Twitter Profile from Every Source Possible
  12. You name it, you can link your Twitter profile from your Facebook page, Newsletter, Blog posts, Forums, LinkedIn profile, etc. Popular Twitter directories like WeFollow, TwitterHolic, TrackingTwitter, and more will also improve visibility and link building.