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Facebook has become much more than a personal social networking site. It now provides several ways for businesses, personalities, fans and freelancers to promote virtually anything they want free with their pages. There is also paid for advertising. However, building a page and attracting many fans may prove just as successful. The trick is to draw fans to the page.

Increase Facebook Fans

1. Make the Page Fanworthy

This may go without saying, but the first trick to getting more fans on facebook is to build a page that people like. Use all of the different elements of the page, such as wall posts and descriptions, to draw in people who actually like what you are promoting. Make sure every post is relevant to the page’s topic. For example, if your page is about a dog rescue shelter, do not post celebrity news on your page. Remember, you want the page to be attractive and stay attractive.

2. Attract the Right Fans and More Will Come

Collecting a random fan that is not genuinely interested in your page is one more fan, but it is a fan that will not generate more fans. People on facebook attract other people like them. Therefore, one person who is genuinely interested in what your page is offering likely has several friends who will be as well. When they fan your page, their like-minded friends will see their friend has liked your page, they may become fans, and the cycle will continue.

3. Interact

Building the page and letting it sit there will only attract a trickle of fans. Update the page frequently and interact with the people on it. Be enthusiastic, helpful and friendly. That will keep your fans coming back. This helps you get more fans because many people on facebook have their setting so friends can see whenever and wherever they post. That means more visibility for you every time someone chats on your page.

4. Promote

Promote your page by sharing it on your personal facebook wall, sharing it with friends, inviting people to like it and by talking about the page online. There is a right way to do this, though. Do not bombard people with links to your page. Do not invite the same people repeatedly, despite their disinterest.

5. Advertise

If it is important enough that the page get fans that you are willing to pay to advertise it, use facebook’s advertising program to promote your page on the site. This way, a link to your page will show up in the sidebars of random facebook users. People can fan your page through the advertisement and start the cycle of exposure mentioned above. No matter how obscure your topic is, facebook is bound to have a group of users interested in it. Do not get discouraged if you do not get fans in the first week your page is up on facebook. Utilize the tips above consistently and you will see more fans shortly.
Nic is a social media and web marketing expert with many years experience in the industry. He specialises in establishing your online presence through the use of social media marketing, search engine marketing and display advertising campaigns.


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