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Instant SEO Analysis Tips

Usually Managers assign a task to check SEO status of a site and they will come back in 10 to 15 mints for the response. Is it possible to check SEO status of a site in 15 mints? I hope, Most of the SEO's will say No. However i would say YES.

SEO's might face the same problem while attending an interview, interviewers might ask you to analyze a site for 5 mints and requests to explain positive and negative factors of the site. There is a possibility to check all these factors with the help of few free tools.

Following are the list of respective factors which needs to be analyzed for a quick review:

Basic SEO Factors for Instant Analysis: 

  • Domain Extension
  • Page Loading Time
  • Page Rank
  • Alexa Rank
  • Google, Bing & Yahoo Indexed Pages and Back Links
  • Domain Age
  • Canonical Redirection
  • Title & Meta Tags
  • Header Tags
  • Image Tags
  • Xml sitemap
  • Html sitemap
  • Robots.txt
  • Google analytics account
  • Google webmaster tools account


Google has launched three new features in recent event at San Francisco on June 14th 2011. Following are three new features. This event is officially named as “Google InsideSearch”. 
    1. Voice Search
    2. Instant Pages
    3. Search by Image

Google has announced voice Search for desktop computers. At present Google users are typing keywords to get the relevant information on search results. Now users can speak words so that Google will understand the word and display relevant search results. According to the survey, Google is able to recognize 80% of the words and displaying relevant results.

This is another great feature which will improve the visitor usability a lot. Usually 40% of the Google visitors will click on the 1st link, so it will take little time to load respective site and visitors have to wait. With new feature “Instant Pages”, visitor will able to see the site instantly. Reason behind this is technique is Google will load it already in the backend and displays it instantly when user clicks it.

Initially people used to search images by name and getting relevant images. Search engines inserted few other features for user convenience.  One feature i.e. “Search similar images” that we always use this feature to find out the right image with desired quality and size. Now Google went a step forward and made an awesome feature live. Visitors can drop image file on Google search bar, so that it will display all similar images with different resolutions and sizes.  This feature would be helpful in finding out your personal images at other public places posted by someone else.

We all know that Facebook is an emerging platform in recent era. Millions of users will update and discuss various topics on Facebook walls. Would you like to know what are the hot discussions at Facebook in 2011.  Facebook Data team released Memology 2011 with complete information of global as well as individual major countries.

 Top Ten Facebook Topics  in World 2011:

Top Ten Facebook Topics  in India 2011:

Top Ten Facebook Topics  in United Kingdom (UK) 2011:

Top Ten Facebook Topics  in United States (USA) 2011:

Now onwards Blogger blogs will redirect to country level TLD extension. Usually I read Google webmaster central blogGoogle blogGmail blog etc to know about latest updates from Google. Today i.e. Jan 31st 2012, I observed that "Blogspot.com is automatically redirecting to Blogspot.in". As I live in india, it's redirecting to ".in". It might redirect to .co.uk, if I live in UK. 

Here is the official information from Google regarding this change - Blogspot.com is redirecting to country specific URL

Points to know regarding this change:

1. Duplicate content issue is the 1st thing we notice in this case. However Google is stating that "rel=canonical" tag will be used across all country level extensions and their team is trying to make less negative impact on search results. 

2. Google will receive so many requests to remove content from few blogs. So they would like to manage country wise removal of content . Few countries may not accept some content, but other countries will. Through this latest update, Content removed as per a country’s law will only be removed from the relevant ccTLD and available for other countries.

3. Custom domains will not see any affect. Free blogspot sites will just redirect to country wise extension, remaining all same.

4. If visitors would like to visit non-country specific version, Here is the format: http://domain.blogspot.com/NCR 

    Read more: http://www.seodailyupdates.com/2012/01/blogspotcom-is-redirecting-to.html#ixzz1otmkBRBB
    I would like to highlight & include the summaries of SEO Updates in 2012 which are published on Google webmaster central official blog.
    1. Video markup language for better indexation of Videos             -  Feb 21st 2012
    2. Optimize your site to handle unexpected traffic growth              -  Feb 09th 2012
    3. Webmaster tools sitemaps interface with fresh look                  -  Jan 26th 2012
    4. Few changes on Top search queries data in Webmaster tools    -  Jan 25th 2012      
    5. Google Algorithm update to Page layout structure                     -  Jan 19th 2012
    6. Page Titles Update in Search Results                                       -  Jan 12th 2012

    We all know that Google, Yahoo & Bing are supporting schema.org common markup language to make a better web. Now schema.org released mark up for Videos i.e. http://schema.org/VideoObject. Follow this markup while adding videos to your site. It will help search engines to crawl these videos effectively.

    Usually popular sites face downtime issues due to sudden increase in traffic, websites will crash often in such cases. So, it’s better to plan “lightweight version of the website or mobile version” to handle traffic in difficult times. Also we can use third party services to land that particular page which is receiving higher traffic. 

    Earlier sitemap section used have normal interface with some basic content stats. Now added videos, images sitemap statistics with colorful interface. Compared to old interface, new interface looks pretty clean and easier to understand with better usability. Now users can delete sitemaps, which were submitted by another webmaster owner. 

    Normally in webmaster tools search queries data rankings will show average position of the keyword. Now onwards it will display top position of that keyword.

    We often see websites with too many ads and it’s difficult to find out the difference between real content and ads. Few sites will have completely ads about the fold, users will have bad experience with these sites. As per new page layout algorithm, these sites will lose rankings and bring down from top search engine results.

    Page titles will have higher impact in CTR. Usually Google pick the title tag from <title> tag and displays the same in search results and displays meta description based on the search query by collecting information from page or description tag. Now title tag also will be displayed based on search query of the visitor and it helps to improve click through rate on search results.

    Following a check list is very important in search engine optimization as SEO Professionals need to take care of so many things, so chances would be higher to forget few important things. Following are the few basic SEO factors which need to be followed for new websites in 2012.

    SEO Checklist:
    1. Domain TLD with Targeted Country Extension
    1. Non-www to www redirection
    2. Zero Broken Links
    3. Search Engine friendly image Sizes
    4. Low Page Size
    5. User friendly URL Structure
    6. Professional design
    7. Easy Navigation
    1. Unique Title Tags
    2. Converting Meta Descriptions
    3. Descriptive Alt tags
    4. Customized Header Tags
    5. Quality Content
    6. HTML Sitemap
    7. Xml Sitemap
    1. Google Analytics
    2. Webmaster tools
    3. Bing Webmaster account
    Social Media:
    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. LinkedIn
    4. YouTube


    What is Responsive Web design?

    In the modern era, every website should have web & mobile design versions to reach max audience. From 2011 onwards usage of tablets has increased a lot. If a design isn’t compatible with tablets or netbooks then another version should be designed to reach tablet visitors. 

    Instead of having different website designs for web, mobile & tablets, we can have one design which is compatible with all devices and browsers i.e. Responsive Web Design. Responsive Design itself changes automatically based on the width and height of the visitors screen. Irrespective of design, it majorly depends on screen resolution. 

    Following are couple of valuable resources for Responsive Web design:

    Most of organizations and professional blogs already started to have responsive designs for their sites. In future every website owner will prefer to have responsive design. It’s time for designers to learn responsive design tips to have a bright career.

    Few Responsive Design Examples:

    Read more: http://www.seodailyupdates.com/2012/02/what-is-responsive-web-design.html#ixzz1otmDeAjt