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In 2011 alone, more than 100 million users signed up on Twitter. Currently, it is the fastest growing social media channel. Although Twitter’s micro-blogging platform is very simple, it is an excellent tool that can be used for search engine optimization (SEO). Twitter is one of the biggest things today with every celebrity regularly sending updates (tweets) to their fans and companies tweeting about their latest products, services and other relevant information in order to inform their customers.
How to Use Twitter
You have probably heard of the success that many companies like Pepsi have experienced with the use of Twitter. However, it is quite difficult to determine where to begin and exactly how to use Twitter for your business/organization especially if you’re new to social media and SEO.

Twitter is Fun and Easy

Don’t be intimidated by the thought of exploring this unfamiliar social media platform. Twitter is very simple and enjoyable. You just need to have a good strategy in order to successfully use it for your business. The first thing you need to think about is the content you will be posting through tweets. Remember not only to tweet about business-related things because this is the fastest way that people will lose interest. Once people lose interest, they will “unfollow” you and sooner or later
you will not be able to reach out to many people anymore.

Importance of Content Quality and Delivery

Like one of the basic principles of SEO, content quality is very important in your tweets. They should be interesting, informative, enjoyable or useful. Don’t just use Twitter to talk about your business and products/services. You can also talk about other things that are related or unrelated to your business. Obviously, you should offer tweets that have some value to your followers. Regarding content, it is also very important to deliver it in the right way. You should deliver it in a personable way. It should not be very formal which is usually seen as boring. A good tip is to deliver it as if you’re speaking to a close friend. This will make your followers comfortable with the message you’re trying to send to them.

Regarding Your Followers: Quality VS Quantity

It is pretty useless to have millions of follower with almost all of them never engaging with you. It’s much better to have a small number of followers that regularly engage with you. Success on Twitter is measured through quality of relationships and never through quantity. However, sometimes you can encourage your followers to engage with you by employing tactics such as asking questions, giving prizes, conducting interesting polls, etc. This is where innovation and imagination is very important.


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