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Most organizations today have embraced social media because of the various benefits it can bring. This is whysocial media and SEO teams are now working together to reach their own goals. Social media managers are assigned to several search marketers to cater to their needs. However, because of the nature of social mediamanagement, social media teams usually outnumber small SEO teams.
In-house SEO teams invest a lot of time working with other branches of the organization including IT, stakeholders and executives. To succeed today, they also need to create a good relationship with social media teams. This is because of the big number of content that these teams create daily. The first step is SEO training. Here are other ways that SEO can work with social media in order to succeed in achieving the organization’s goals:

Basic SEO Training for Social Media Managers

SEO and Social MediaIt is very important for social media teams especially managers to have a good idea on what should and shouldn’t be done in terms of SEO. This way, mistakes will be minimized or even eliminated creating lesser problems for the SEO team. This also creates less friction between the two teams which usually results to bigger problems in the future. The training doesn’t have to be comprehensive. It just needs to include the essential areas. Keep in mind that most blogs are created by social media teams. Teaching these teams how to create optimized blog posts can help a lot in SEO success.

Teach Social media Teams about Keyword Research

Keyword research should be an integral part of SEO. Teaching this important function to social media teams lessens the problems of the SEO team in the future. Also, this means that the organization will reap SEO benefits immediately after social media creates new blog posts. Don’t forget to include basics on how to use the other keyword tools available. Giving them an idea of why this should be done can also help a lot in achieving SEO success.

Tweet Optimization

Since Twitter is one of the top social media today, tweet optimization should be given importance. In fact, search engines are now integrating more tweets in their SERPs resulting to more tweets showing up for normal keyword queries. However, since Twitter updates their internal search engine constantly, it is important to check for updates and tips in order to be more visible. A keyword or two in each tweet is a good tip that every social media manager should know.


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