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I would like to highlight & include the summaries of SEO Updates in 2012 which are published on Google webmaster central official blog.
  1. Video markup language for better indexation of Videos             -  Feb 21st 2012
  2. Optimize your site to handle unexpected traffic growth              -  Feb 09th 2012
  3. Webmaster tools sitemaps interface with fresh look                  -  Jan 26th 2012
  4. Few changes on Top search queries data in Webmaster tools    -  Jan 25th 2012      
  5. Google Algorithm update to Page layout structure                     -  Jan 19th 2012
  6. Page Titles Update in Search Results                                       -  Jan 12th 2012

We all know that Google, Yahoo & Bing are supporting schema.org common markup language to make a better web. Now schema.org released mark up for Videos i.e. http://schema.org/VideoObject. Follow this markup while adding videos to your site. It will help search engines to crawl these videos effectively.

Usually popular sites face downtime issues due to sudden increase in traffic, websites will crash often in such cases. So, it’s better to plan “lightweight version of the website or mobile version” to handle traffic in difficult times. Also we can use third party services to land that particular page which is receiving higher traffic. 

Earlier sitemap section used have normal interface with some basic content stats. Now added videos, images sitemap statistics with colorful interface. Compared to old interface, new interface looks pretty clean and easier to understand with better usability. Now users can delete sitemaps, which were submitted by another webmaster owner. 

Normally in webmaster tools search queries data rankings will show average position of the keyword. Now onwards it will display top position of that keyword.

We often see websites with too many ads and it’s difficult to find out the difference between real content and ads. Few sites will have completely ads about the fold, users will have bad experience with these sites. As per new page layout algorithm, these sites will lose rankings and bring down from top search engine results.

Page titles will have higher impact in CTR. Usually Google pick the title tag from <title> tag and displays the same in search results and displays meta description based on the search query by collecting information from page or description tag. Now title tag also will be displayed based on search query of the visitor and it helps to improve click through rate on search results.


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