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Twitter is a very popular social media site that has more than 190 million users and more than 60 million posts daily. This is why it is an ideal promotion tool for a website. Even though twitter links are “nofollow”, there are still ways to use this social media site for promoting a website. Twitter pages have a direct influence on Google’s SERPs so it is very useful in improving search engine visibility.

Basic Twitter SEO Tactics:

Using Twitter for Traffic

Twitter for SEO
Tweet about every post that you make on your blog or site. Many Twitter users also use it to search for useful and informative tips. Make the tweet interesting in order to catch the attention and curiosity of Twitter users. Make sure that the topics of your posts are useful to other web users.

Link Building with Twitter

Obviously, it is important to have as many Twitter followers as possible so that more people will see your posts. Choose followers who are within your niche or those that have similar interests. Around 25% of the users you follow will follow you back. It is also highly probable that your followers will make posts regarding your latest content. This results to great link building. Google doesn’t index shortened URLs but instead index the actual URLs so this is definitely a great website promotion opportunity.

Other Important Tips

Keep in mind that all your tweets shouldn’t be about your own website. This turns other users off and usually causes fewer followers. If the tweets are always about your products or services, it would appear spammy and this discourages followers. The posts should be interesting, engaging and useful to your followers.

How to Optimize Your Twitter Page

First of all, your username should be relevant to your business or particular niche. It’s a part of the URL of your page and title tag so it greatly affects website promotion. The account name should also be relevant in order to boost Twitter website traffic. This is because the account name is also included in the page title. Build links to your Twitter profile for promotion. Pasting a link to your account on a noticeable part of you website will do the job. Choose your bio text wisely because it also serves as the meta description tag. Think about website promotion when choosing your bio text.
Twitter tactics are very easy to implement. It is definitely worth your time and you will experience very good benefits from doing so. This social media site is absolutely full of potential in terms of SEO.


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