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Twitter recently purchased security start-up Dasient which is a popular anti-malware vendor for big companies in the financial, media and other online sectors. The main purpose of the acquisition is to fight malicious advertising which is prevalent today in the popular social networking site. Malicious advertising is one of the most common problems today in Twitter. The new acquisition’s technology will be placed within the revenue engineering team of Twitter. This means that the main goal is to identify malicious ads submitted to Twitters’ ad platform before they become live.
Sometime in 2010, the company also introduced a similar service that checked for malicious ads. An example of malicious ads is the kind with forced downloads to unsuspecting users. Parties who purchase these advertisements usually introduce themselves to ad networks and other publishers as agency media purchasers that represent big brands. Once these fake ads become live, they are able to reach a big number of unsuspecting victims quickly.
According to Dasient, they have the solution to Twitter’s problem and claim that their experience will be crucial in solving this major problem. A blog post stated that “By joining Twitter, we will be able to apply our technology and workforce to the world’s largest real-time information network. Aside from malicious advertising, another target of Dasient is the rapid increase of phishing attacks that target users via direct messages and @mentions. As of today, Dasient already stopped accepting new clients and will soon shut down.

Insights on the Acquisition

This is already the second acquisition of Twitter in one month. The first acquisition is Summify which is a news aggregator. Being an avid fan and user of Twitter, I’m glad that they are still working to improve their service. Twitter is definitely one of the best social media platforms. Although they’re on top, they’re obviously not satisfied and continue to improve on all aspects of the social media experience. Hopefully, things will not end with this acquisition and Twitter will continuously work to improve their already excellent service.


Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. They are now working on minor chinks on their armour in order to stay on top for a very long time. Targeting malicious ads and phishing attacks is one of the best moves they can make to stay on top or climb even higher. If they do this correctly, they might soon be the number one social media platform.


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