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What is Responsive Web design?

In the modern era, every website should have web & mobile design versions to reach max audience. From 2011 onwards usage of tablets has increased a lot. If a design isn’t compatible with tablets or netbooks then another version should be designed to reach tablet visitors. 

Instead of having different website designs for web, mobile & tablets, we can have one design which is compatible with all devices and browsers i.e. Responsive Web Design. Responsive Design itself changes automatically based on the width and height of the visitors screen. Irrespective of design, it majorly depends on screen resolution. 

Following are couple of valuable resources for Responsive Web design:

Most of organizations and professional blogs already started to have responsive designs for their sites. In future every website owner will prefer to have responsive design. It’s time for designers to learn responsive design tips to have a bright career.

Few Responsive Design Examples:

Read more: http://www.seodailyupdates.com/2012/02/what-is-responsive-web-design.html#ixzz1otmDeAjt


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